Sunday, December 2, 2018

Trunk Stories

I've mentioned trunk stories before and people don't seem to understand the concept.  back in the day if a writer had a story he could not sell, it eventually was placed in a trunk.  From time to time a story listing might come up and that writer would dust off and submit it rather than writing a new story. Today they're sitting on a hard drive or a cloud storage, but not out in circulation.  There is usually a reason for that. These stories usually are badly flawed and that's why they don't sell.  So there, that's a trunk story to you non writers.

Hence the opening of Science Fiction Trails for reading.  I believe everything I've gotten is a trunk story, save for one reprint. I actually accepted one of these trunk stories.  I guess that's why writers send them out.  But it still struck meas a trunk story--but I liked in some odd way. 

Oh well.  Every new issue is an adventure.

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