Thursday, January 31, 2019

Am I crazy?

I probably am crazy, but, I'm specifically referring to my penchant for novellas.  I published The Venerable Travels of Ling Fung  in a double book that also had a novella from Laura Givens. The book had an overriding title of Legends of the Dragon Cowboys.  That story was set in the same world much of my other weird westerns are in, 1880s California.  Ling Fung manages to get rid of perennial villain Ah Puch, something Miles O'Malley never was able to do.  

Which brings us to my about to debut Fallen Angel, another novella.  Again set in 1880s California featuring the recurring angel Mabel. This is her story, although Miles O'Malley and his horse, Paul, do participate.  Before we get to the 1880s, the story actually starts out during the Civil War where Mabel is working as  a photographer. It wasn't all that unusual for women to take up photography. There was plenty of imagery as men blew each other's brains out in record numbers. Women weren't as likely to be viewed as spies as a male photographer and were by and large left alone to ply their craft.

My point is, even though novellas have fallen from favor, and few are published, they actually can offer a lot of story for their more diminutive size compared to a novel.  As an author, I find this size allows more depth than a short story but doesn't bog down with extemporaneous detail the way novels often can. So, if you see an interesting novella, give it a try whether it's mine or someone else's.  Some very good novellas are White Fang by Jack London and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. You might have heard of these.  

Oh, I have another novella.  It's not a weird western, but a horror tale.  And it's actually being considered by a major New York publisher.  Stay tuned. 

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