Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Got the cover art for my new novella Fallen Angel.  I am not sure if I can show it yet.  I expect the book to be released by March.  It's a story set mostly in the 1800s featuring my Miles O'Malley character and his friend Mabel. Mabel is a fallen angel who is supposed to be in hell, but spends most of her time wandering around the Wild West.  Now Mabel is a real hoot.  She's fun, playful, yet we tend to forget she is not human, And those angels powers are prominent when the Martians come calling.  

I'll post order information when it's officially announced.  I know the publisher hopes to have copies available for Wild Wild West Con in early March, for all those Arizona readers of this blog--both of you. Ha. 

If you like strong female characters then I think you'll like Mabel, maybe you'll like the little green men from Mars.  Emphasis: These are Martians, they're not plain old aliens from some distant star. They've been watching Earth and they are ready to act. Stay tuned.

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