Saturday, January 26, 2019

Little Gray Men

In reading stories for Science Fiction Trails, I got three stories yesterday about aliens.  I haven't seen many of these in a while.  Things seem to run in cycles.  I rejected one, not because it was bad so much as it was kind of a tired idea. I accepted one. The third story, I am going to take a second look at it in a few days.  The past few years had seen a lot of alternate universe type stories. Haven't seen much of that in this reading cycle.  You never know.

I co-wrote my own alien story, although I haven't decided if I'll put it in SFT.  I don't like to use my own work. It is rare for me to work with another writer.  This story kind of clicked into place. I've edited with other editors quite a few times, but I have rarely tried to co-write something.  The reading period ends in a few days.     And then we'll have to get the artist to conjure up a cover. and that's how you make a fiction magazine. 

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