Monday, February 25, 2019

Fallen Angel is Now Available

My novella, Fallen Angel, officially goes on sale today.  It's been available a few days in some forms, but it's now up and available in ebook outlets and can also be ordered through print bookstores.   This is a story about Mabel, a fallen angel who's supposed to be living in hell after being kicked out of heaven. Alas, Mabel gets bored  easily and keeps turning up on Earth. Our story begins during the Civil War where Mabel is working as a photographer.The cover reflects that as it shows Mabel taking a photograph of a Martian as famed General Ulysses S. Grant looks on. Martians?

This is a weird western adventure and the Wild West was never this wild.  Mabel goes on to hook up with her friend Miles O'Malley in San Francisco 20 years later. Events from the Civil War follow her, including her crazy sister and the sinister plans the Martians have for Earth. 

I think it's a fun story. Mabel has appeared in the Miles O'Malley books, now collectively reprinted in one edition called The Devil Draws Two.  Mabel's a bit of a free spirit. She spends money like crazy, but doesn't worry too much since it's counterfeit. She loves to play poker, inviting herself to the occasional poker game in saloons where she's not entirely welcome. But her best talent may be that angels can speak any language--even Martian. And that is one thing of intense interest to the United States government. 

As I've said before, I'm a big fan of novellas. I think they're a fun size. You get a more developed tale than from a short story, yet there isn't the extemporaneous baggage often found in full length novels.  There's a lot of action packed into the pages of  Fallen Angel. I sure enjoyed writing it.

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