Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Holiday?

Well, I realize Valentine's Day isn't nearly as exciting as Ground Hog Day--that other February holiday that work doesn't let you have off.  In the local version of a dollar store I noted they had little heart shaped boxes of chocolate for a dollar.  Boy, buy your sweetie that and spend the rest of the winter sleeping on the couch.  Yet, somebody must be buying them.  Is it simply for a chocolate fix in the parking lot or is some moron actually going to give the dollar box of chocolate to somebody?

And then there's the pizza place--selling heart shaped peperoni pizza, on sale no less.  Hi sweetie,  got you a pizza for Valentine's Day. And a dollar box of candy.

I hope people don't give Valentines to their dogs.  Seriously, that dollar box of candy can make fido really sick. Chocolate is bad for dogs.  

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