Friday, February 22, 2019

May God have mercy on you...

Off today to the Motor Vehicles Department.  I cannot register my car online.  Of course you don't get a reason, the website just says cannot be completed.  You can't call anyone and get an explanation. They don't send you any notice of what the problem is. You just have to go down there and wait in line and maybe someone will help you and maybe not.

Then, a couple guys in suits come out of an unmarked door. "Come with us, Mister Riley."
"What's this about?" I ask.
"Just come with us." 
And they take me into a room with  chair under a bare light bulb. "Take off your clothes."
"Surely, you've been strip searched before."
"What's this have to do with my car registration?"
"Nothing. We just like strip searching people."
"Then I grab the bare light bulb and break the bulb against my wrist and the room goes dark..."

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