Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Motor Vehicles

The other day I wrote about how I was dreading a trip to the Motor Vehicle Division.  It was actually two trips. First I went to the emissions inspection place.  I waited two or three minutes, then I was signaled in to the testing bay.  The technician was very polite and friendly.  He tested my car and it passed. I got my new  certificate and off I went.  I thought I'd be sitting in line for hours and they'd hassle me over some triviality. Nope, I passed and off I went. 

Next came the dreaded Motor Vehicle Office.  A pleasant lady greeted me and I explained I wanted to renew my registration.  She sent me to an automated kiosk. I guess they're replacing motor vehicle clerks with robots. The kiosk was easy to use and the whole renewal took about three minutes. The machine printed out my new registration and my new license plate tab and off I went.

Not a single thing to complain about.  Everything was handled in just a few minutes. I was kind of disappointed.  I was all set for hassles and to kill the entire morning.  I went down to the coffee shop and had some breakfast.  What a day!

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