Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Damned Birds

We have a large supply of doves in my neighborhood.  They drive me crazy. They're constantly sitting on my car and pooping on it.  For a while I had a rubber snake and that seemed to keep them away. I think they decided it was dead and flew away with it--it's gone.  

I have a carport.  They seem to like my carport because it gives them protection from birds of prey, who tend to swoop down from above.  We have a hawk that I call Henry [after Henry Hawk who wants to ear Foghorn Leghorn].  He doesn't seem to come after them under the carport. In fact, we used to have quail running around.  They fly reluctantly and prefer to stay on the ground. Now, I do not see quail anymore. It could be the coyotes got them, but I think Henry did it. I just wish he'd switch his diet and eat more doves--a lot more of them.

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