Friday, March 1, 2019

Take That, Ruffian

I was going to play some joke on my brother for April Fools Day today.  But, after quite a bit of thought, I just couldn't come up with anything worth bothering with. I'd considered an empty box  and he'd think someone sent him a gift. Alas, that just didn't seem that amusing.  Back in my hotel days I used to leave one of the bellman a tip envelope on April 1st letting them think they had a tip and they'd open it and there was a note saying "You probably thought you were getting a tip, but you're not. ha ha."  I guess a box for my brother is too close to that.  

And having his utilities disconnected, well that seemed kind of mean. So, I just decided to let it go and not bother.  So, if you're playing some sort of joke on someone for April Fools Day--God bless you..  

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