Thursday, April 18, 2019

Have you been redacted ?

One of the things about writing fiction is it sometimes collides with reality.  In my novella Fallen Angel, (available on ebook or from your favorite bookseller) the angel Mabel is caught in the file room at a government office. The government clerk asks what she's doing in there. Her answer is she's redacting the government file on her.  Well, when I wrote that passage a year ago it wasn't all that remarkable, just part of the story. Now, suddenly, "redacted" is everywhere.  Well, if someone were reading my book today they might stop a moment, where they otherwise would not.  And Mabel hypnotizes the government clerk and goes on to save everyone from the Martians.

For the dullards out there, redacted means to remove or obscure.  And the term is everywhere.  It's funny how that works sometime.  

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