Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Big City Papers

It was nice getting reviewed by the Arizona Daily Star Sunday.  It's gotten really hard to get reviewed by newspapers.  Papers keep cutting back on stuff and books just aren't as interesting to folks as are, say, movies. My first published novel, The Two Devils, managed to get reviewed in the Denver Post when it came out. If it came out today, that would not likely happen. The Post once had a regular reviewer of science fiction--now they don't.  

Getting a review is nice.  People aren't going to buy a book they don't know about.  Yet, they may not buy it even if they do.  Bookstores don't special order like they once did.  I know my book is available through distributors, yet I've gone into four bookstores and been told "We can't get it." That means we don't want to bother.

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