Monday, May 6, 2019

For the birds

I don't know why old ladies love to feed birds so much.  They all seem to love to toss out food for them.  My grandmother was that way when she was alive--just loved feeding birds and did it constantly.  Well, the old lady behind my house is of the same camp. She has a bird feeder and knows how to use it.  In fact, she's putting out so much food--filling the damned thing twice a day, that she is attracting a massive amount of birds into the neighborhood. These are mostly doves and they shit on everything, including my house and my car. Because of the huge amount of food there are far more of these blasted birds than would normally be around in the Sonoaran desert.  and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. If I kill the damned birds I can be arrested by Fish and Game, yet nothing will happen to the old bat who is tossing out the food.  My only hope is she'll attract rattlesnakes and one of them will bite her and she'll die. Alas, that isn't very likely. 

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