Thursday, May 9, 2019

Is it racist?

I'm working on an anthology that's sort of a shared world concept.  Contributors had to use at least one character from a list of stock characters. They were free to add their own characters as well.  Well, my guidelines were taken down off one site because somebody complained they were racist. No one ever complained to me directly, so I don't know what their beef was.  I suspect it involved a Chinese character who ran a laundry and also was involved in various criminal enterprises.  Thing is, a lot of Chinese people in the 1800s ran laundries. They found a niche in the labor market and filled it.  And, there was a crime problem amongst some Chinese folks in the form of violent tongs in west coast cities.   So, are we now relegated to only having white people commit crimes? Is it racist to have a person of color who is a bad guy?  I don't know.  I'm not used to this sort of attack.

Well, I guess I'll write a Mexican bandit story to make up for it.

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