Monday, May 27, 2019

spam, wonderful spam

I don't know why, but just about every retail company  I do business with seems to feel if they have my email number they MUST spam me every blasted day.  One particular large home improvement store sent me email every blasted day.  Now, the thing is I like this store. I actually buy stuff there.  But that still doesn't mean I want constant daily spam from them.  I don't know why these companies do this as I can't believe their customers want this constant glut of email. Yet they do. This isn't the first time this has been a problem.  A number of companies have done this to me, forcing me to unsubscribe from their marketing efforts.  The thing is, I wouldn't mind an occasional email now and then if they had something interesting going on like free barbecue grills or something, but it seems to be deluge or nothing with these places.  Whether it's a large clothing company in Duluth IA or the big box home improvement chain, the result is always the same--I have to get away from them because they won't leave me alone.

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