Monday, September 30, 2019

Late night thoughts

I wonder what people think about late at night in a hospital room if they can't sleep.  I know what I was thinking about--exoplanets.  I normal person would be thinking about their dog or their house or their job or what they're going to have for breakfast. Not me, at 2 am I'm lying in bed thinking about exoplanets..  More specifically, I was wondering if these planets around other stars have moons.  Current technology doesn't seem able to tell, but there don't seem to be any confirmed discoveries of any moons.  Why is this important?  Without the moon, our moon, some theories suggest without its gravity causing tides and stuff, life might never have developed on earth.  Ergo, are we closer to finding life?  That's what i think about at two a.m., but snubbed by cons as some sort of scientific lightweight.  

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