Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Addams Family review [I've been busy]

I rarely review movies. If I do one, it's an unusual case.  And there is nothing more unusual than the Addams Family.  I used to watch the original 1960s TV show [I guess I'm showing my age].  I even once had a book of the Addams Family cartoons reprinted from the New Yorker.  I think it is safe that there is nothing Addams Family that I don't simply adore.  And I adore this movie.  I found myself almost forgetting it was animated.  Once again, Wednesday steals the show--she always does.  When I was a kid I looked a little too much like Pugsley, but I digress.  At first I thought "What the hell?" as it starts off quite different than I expected.  One family got up and left.  They missed a really good movie. Patience is a virtue. It comes together quickly.

My sole and only criticism is Lurch. I have never liked any version of Lurch since the original TV show--that guy cracks me up.  That's more my problem..  The Addams Family can't go wrong and I can't objectively review them, just give me more. That's all I want.

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