Friday, October 4, 2019

Saddle Up Boys and Girls

A new weird western anthology has been released.  I'm always excited when that happens.  Straight Outta Deadwood just  hit the shelves. This is a big deal as large publishers like Baen rarely do weird westerns.  This is the second "Straight Outta" book, following Straight Outta Tombstone.  These books are edited by my friend, David Boop.

It's not expensive. Buy a copy.  I have no skin in the game here as I am not a participant with this book. I know the editor and some of the contributing authors.

This should not be confused with my new book, Tales From Dry Gulch, the difference being my book has a small flying saucer on the cover and Straight Outta Deadwood does not.  Buy a copy. They make great Halloween presents to put under the Halloween Tree.

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