Tuesday, November 26, 2019


One of the bad things about living in Tucson is the never ending supply of panhandling vagrants. They are literally everywhere.  In fact, there's a strip mall that has vacant retail space because no one wants to rent there because the panhandlers are so thick.  Of course these strip malls could hire security guards to try and contain the problem, but that would cost money and these places seem unwilling to do anything like that.  So the problem persists. 

People actually giving these bums money just make the problem worse. They're what sociologists call enablers, although they surely see themselves as the good guys.  To put it more bluntly, if they weren't taking in money, they wouldn't be out there panhandling.  

And what should out political leaders do about the problem.  They could make the panhandlers liable for the cost of cleaning their blood off cars if they're run down.  I got some Mexican money once, it was worth about a dollar but looked like a lot in pesos. the peso has risen since then and at about fifty cents, this wouldn't work.  I'm sure there's some foreign money that's worthless one could give them. And I once said I haven't got any money but you want a bottle of apple juice. Well, the apple juice was actually urine.  I felt bad about that and never did that again.  Maybe writing them a check on a closed bank account might be interesting.

A vexing problem, isn't it?  The best solution is don't play. if people would stop giving them money the problem would go away.

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