Thursday, November 21, 2019

Buying local

I've been on a buying local kick. I used to just go online and order from a certain large company. Then I decided the local businesses that provide local jobs and pay the local taxes that fix the roads could use my support.  So I've been trying to buy more stuff local.  It's not always easy. The local bookstore is nice.  Yep, we actually have books here in Tucson. There's even talk we may get indoor plumbing soon.  And I bought a nice book from the store.  It was a humor book. I thought I needed a laugh.

Alas, one thing they don't have is weird western books. Books like Straight Outta Deadwood, they ain't got. Oh, wait. They do carry one of my weird western anthologies. Gotta love local stores like the nice folks at Antigone Books on 4th street in Tucson.  Not only do they sell one of my books, they even have indoor bathrooms--no outhouses for this classy joint.  I wish all the snowbirds in town, and there seem to be more this year, would go by there and buy stuff from them.  They've got catchy greeting cards, too.  I read somewhere that half of the books sold are sold during November and December. If not them, then your favorite local bookstore. Time's a wasting. Buy some stuff.

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