Saturday, November 30, 2019

It's Late, It's Late

I keep hearing we have  a late Christmas this year. I really wonder how that can be since Christmas always comes on December 25th. It's the same every year.  So, since it never changes, how can it be late?

Perhaps the confused members of the news media mean the shopping season is late, since Thanksgiving is fairly late compared to Christmas.  But is that really true?  Are shoppers mindless automatons unable to make their purchasing decisions until and only when Thanksgiving has passed. The same mindless automatons bombarded with Christmas imaging since before Halloween at many stores?

Me thinks perhaps the consumer is not quite the fool the retailers make him out to be.  People scan the universe looking for the best deals. Just two days ago at Target a man used some AP to scan the TV he was interested in. He looked at his phone and headed for the nearest exit, apparently in search of a better value somewhere else.  Maybe it's the retailers trying to fool everyone who are wrong and not the consumer.

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