Sunday, November 24, 2019

Turkeys cometh

Well, we're almost once again on Thanksgiving.  And I once again remind folks my turkeys are amazingly good.  Keep that goo out of the bird and you'll have a better tasting bird and one that won't expose you to salmonella as the hot air flow through a hollow interior cooks your bird differently  and better than if you plug it up with that damned stuffing.  Most of the stuffing never gets very hot and can harbor salmonella  which can make you sick. Leave the turkey interior open. If you must have stuffing, buy a package of Stovetop stuffing. It's put out by the folks at Kraft/Heinz and it's really good. 

I cook over a grill with mesquite. You need to watch your heat if using charcoal. A gas grill does a fair job and you can use get a bag of wood chips for a nice natural smoke flavoring.

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