Monday, December 30, 2019

Coin of the Realm

The other day I found a nickle in a parking lot. I bent over and picked it up..  You don't see nickles on parking lots very often--it's usually pennies for some reason.  But there was this nickle just lying there waiting for me to pick it up.  And I thought, wow I found a nickle. It's just that I hardly ever find any money lying around.  Now a nickle isn't worth much these days, but I put it in my coin jar, then went down to Coinstar and cashed the jar in for $41.01.

Now some people don't like Coinstar.  I'm not wild about the fee they collect, but my bank only takes bulk coins if they're in wrappers. I feel it's easier to dump them in the slot and let the machine count them and be done with it. And if I hadn't picked up that nickle, I'd have had something like 41.96 or so and a lot more change back. Go nickles.  The next time I see a coin in a parking lot, I'm grabbing it. 

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