Sunday, December 29, 2019

Fake Animal Noises

We have some nut job who wanders our neighborhood in the middle of the night making fake animal noises.   We hadn't had one in a while, but last night about 4 am someone was near my window making fake owl hoots.  They don't sound real. The last time this happened it was a growling noise. It didn't sound real, either.  These always seem to happen during school break periods. I really wonder about someone who has nothing better to  do than run around a neighborhood trying to wake people up with animal noises.

I've never managed to see the culprit. He sounded fairly close and my yard is not fenced, but on a dark night it's tough to see and noises tend to bounce around.  I guess we'll get another serenade during Spring break.  Mighty strange, it is. 

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