Friday, December 13, 2019

Good luck, Timmy

Friday the 13th is here upon us once again.  Considered unlucky, I used to find good things happened on them.  Then, well I don't think they're really any different than any other day.  Stuff happens and the day on the calendar has little to do with it.  But there are many superstitious folks who feel otherwise.  So venture out into the world and buy lots of gifts for people.  And call people "Timmy" all day. It drives them crazy, especially girls.  

This is peak book buying season.  My best book, if you're looking for ideas, is Legends of the Dragon Cowboys.   Legends of the Dragon Cowboys brings you two weird western adventures by authors David B. Riley and Laura Givens. Their heroes ride boldly out of the Far East to find their way in a mythic land of danger, romance, and adventure. In "The Venerable Travels of Ling Fung" by David B. Riley, a wandering businessman encounters a Mayan god, crooked enterprises and Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, when all he really wants is to open a gun store. Ling Fung is not any ordinary Chinese entrepreneur—he's highly skilled in Kung Fu and he can shoot good, too. While his heart is set on business, providence seems to have other plans for him. And suitable for all ages.

Laura Givens brings wily acrobat Chin Song Ping to the Wild West in search of adventure and fortune. He finds little fortune, but plenty of adventure. Chin Song Ping is a scoundrel, a gambler and a trouble magnet. His heart of gold lands him in schemes to outwit would-be gods, cannibal ghosts, insane robots, Voodoo despots and the ultimate evil—bureaucrats. But he is a romantic, and the love of his life is the true treasure he seeks. The odds are always against him but if he survives he will become the Western legend he always was in his own mind.
The Wild West just got a lot wilder!

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