Sunday, January 5, 2020

And Gone

Most of the holiday decorations for Christmas are down in my neighborhood.  So much until next year. Coming up fast is Ground Hog Day.  I love Ground Hog Day and encourage folks to eat sausage on February 2nd because sausage is made from ground hog.  Surprisingly, the folks at Hallmark haven't really flooded the card shops with Ground Hog Day cards for people to send.  That's a shame. There aren't even any colors associated with the holiday like orange for Halloween and green and red for Xmas. So, what we have is a holiday that needs a little work.

Way back a few years ago I wrote to the folks at Jimmy Dean sausage and tried to get them behind my idea of eating sausage for Ground Hog Day because sausage is made from Ground Hog.  I never heard from them. They probably thought I was some kind of kook.  I guarantee come February 2nd I'll be eating sausage. Maybe yellow lights for Ground Hog Day.  You never see yellow lights for Xmas or Halloween.  

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