Friday, January 31, 2020

Beverage conspiracy

I don't know why restaurants insist on serving "Sweet" tea.  I had lunch yesterday at a restaurant  and the waitress brought me unsweet tea. The problem was as I consumed my drink she refilled me with sweet tea.  This would not do and I flagged her down and explained her error. She brought me out another glass of tea. It turned out to be sweet tea as well.  They look identical and little care seem to be made that the product is in the correct pitcher. I was annoyed, but flagged her down again. Finally, she brought me some more regular unsweetened ice tea.  

If they would simply have unsweetened tea and packs of sugar on the tables, this sort of thing would not keep happening.  This is actually the second time this week I've gotten sweetened tea.   I went through Micky D's drive through as I just wanted some tea. I ordered unsweet tea, picked it up and drank it when I was about a mile away.  Of course it was sweet. It always is.  I poured it out. I checked the receipt. It clearly said unsweet tea. I complained online, as if that'll do any good.

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