Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bird Brain

I've always believed owls don't hoot at night. A neighbor insists they do.  We have an owl nearby and I've only heard it hoot during the daytime.  I know they prefer to hunt at night and have the eyesight and hearing to be very good at it.  They're also nearly silent, as their wings simply don't make noise. As it would happen, this morning, just around sunrise, an owl took out one of the local doves. Except it didn't have a clean kill. The dove was yelling some sort of dove distress chirp and the owl couldn't seem to get it to die.  Finally, the owl flew away with the dove in its tendons.  I know  in the animal kingdom that's the way it works--you're predator or you're food.  Still, it's a rather unpleasant exchange to awakwn to just outside your bedroom window.

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