Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Someone was talking to me on the phone yesterday. I have no idea what language it was or what he wanted. I'm not even sure if the caller was actually a 'he'.  It certainly was not Spanish or one of the middle Eastern tongues.  That got me wondering: What if the caller was actually speaking gibberish and it was not my lack of understanding of his language but rather the fact it wasn't any language at all. Perhaps some mental patient got a hold of the phone at the asylum when the nurse took a break? 

I listened to him for a few minutes and thought it odd there was no let up in this rambling discourse after two full minutes.  I returned fire, babbling incoherently with my own gibberish language I was making up on the spot. The caller hung up after about 30 more seconds.  What actually happened? I don't really know. 

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