Thursday, January 9, 2020

You never know about stuff

My father said something odd yesterday. He said he might not be around for Christmas next year.  Well, at 92 years old people do sometimes feel mortal.  But this was odd for him.  I didn't say anything. A minute or so later he said, "Space aliens might come and take me away."  Well, this was very odd. If I said something like that it would shock no one as I'm known for bizarre nonsense, but coming from my father, well that was weird. But that's what he said.

"Have these aliens been in touch?" I asked.  "Do you have a certain day in mind?"

"No, but you never know about stuff," was his response.

Well, that is quite true  You never know about stuff. "I hope they give you time to pack," was all I had to answer to that conversation.  

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