Friday, February 21, 2020


I rarely do reviews and this is not one of them.  A new movie is opening. It's Call of the Wild.  Here's the thing: The trailers and ads look like it's all CGI, and lame CGI at that. It convinced me not to go see it.

For what it's worth, Call of the Wild is a novel by Jack London.  I've heard it has never been out of print and that's pretty good for a book over 100 years old.  London was a highly skilled writer who had a certain fascination with the dogs he encountered when he went up north during the Yukon gold rush.  He turned that fascination into a number of stories. Call of the Wild is kind of his legacy book. 

As I said, the ads and trailers look awful.  And that's why I'm staying home.  

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  1. I'm going to see it because I adore Harrison Ford, but I'm feeling iffy on the CGI dog.

    Call of the Wild and White Fang were some of the formative books of my youth. Even today, Jack London's writing really resonates with me, and readers. He was truly a great author.