Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Exchange Students

I just got my proof copy of Exchange Students, a new anthology edited by Sheila Hartney.  I'll post again on this site when the actual release comes and by then I should be able to include a look at the cover.  

This is the sort of story collection I would tend to pass over, at first glance anyway, as I have little interest in writing about students. But the timing of this book was perfect.  .And the requirements were rather open minded and hardly just taking place at some futuristic high school--learning can take many forms. After reading the guidelines a couple of times I decided my story idea was close enough to the story guidelines I give it a go. I'd wanted to do something with my Sarah Meadows  character and was kicking around an idea I had.  "The Pupil" picks up after my novel Bonded Agent, where Sarah has returned to Mars and resumed civilian life. Unfortunately, all is not forgiven about the fact she fought on the side of the reptilian Tau in their recent war with Earth.  Sarah finds herself with legal trouble and hires barrister Hugo Green to represent her. Hugo Green has a new pupil coming to learn how to be a barrister. And that's how Sarah Meadows becomes involved with my take on an exchange student in the form of Prairie Davis, just arrived from Earth.

I anxiously await the release of this book.  I'm amazed at the variety and quality of the stories contained in Exchange Students. Folks, you'll definitely want to grab a copy of this one. Stay tuned.

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