Saturday, February 1, 2020

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Tomorrow is Ground Hog Day.  I've spent the last eight years trying to get people to celebrate by eating sausage. Why sausage? Sausage is made from Ground hog.  What better to eat on Ground Hog Day?  Now, some dullards think I'm advocating eating Ground Hogs, also known as Whistle Pigs and a few other aliases.  I am not. But sausage is made out of ground hog, as in pigs. What's that got to do with some marmot with a phobia about shadows? Nothing, really.  But it sounds the same. It's a phonetic kind of thing.  Ans that's why we eat sausage because they make it from Ground Hog

I once wrote to the folks who make Jimmy Dean and urged them to promote Ground Hog Day. I never got a reply. They probably thought I was some sort of kook.  The greeting card people haven't done much with Ground Hog Day, either.  Compare the selection of Ground Hog Day cards to Valentines Day and St Patrick's Day cards at your local store.  Heck, most stores don't have any. A few stores might have one card.

Alas, I feel much like Charlie Brown's friend, Linus, sitting out in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin.  I have had few converts in my quest to reform the holiday.  But, rest assured, come tomorrow, I'll  be eating sausage.

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