Monday, February 10, 2020

Robert Conrad

I note the passing of Robert Conrad.  He had a long and respected acting career.  I thought I'd mention one of his legacies he seems most remembered for was his role on the Wild, Wild West.  It's no secret that I have a longstanding involvement with the weird western genre as both an author and publisher. So it's not surprising that I've talked to a lot of people about weird westerns--both writers and fans of the genre.  What has come up in almost all of those conversations was these folks were fans of the TV show.  Without a doubt, Conrad's Jim West character made a huge impression on a lot of people that carries forward to today. If you're too young to remember this TV show, I'm sure it's available for viewing and I highly recommend it. My point is simply that Conrad touched a lot of people with this character, as I'm sure he did with some of his other roles.  

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