Sunday, February 2, 2020


It's Ground Hog Day!

I've already extolled the virtue of eating sausage. I've lamented the lack of greeting cards for the holiday.  I sure wish Congress would make it a paid holiday. Now, it's the unwanted bastard stepchild of holidays ranking somewhere between Columbus Day and Arbor Day in participation.  

Some ways to increase the fun:  Get your own ground hog and let it live underneath your house. Yank it out on Ground Hog Day and see if it sees its shadow.  Get a big ground hog suit and let children sit on your knee and tell you what they want for Ground Hog Day presents.  

Sell sausage door-to-door to get people to eat sausage for Ground Hog Day.

Go out and chuck some wood around. Woodchucks and ground hogs are the same animal.

Be sure to send your Ground Hog Day ideas to the president in Washington.

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