Saturday, April 25, 2020

Interstellar sales

What if aliens on other planets could buy books like mine?  That would be cool.  They may be. How would you know? Especially ebooks as anyone could download them.  With the current crisis going on, each state is kind of doing their own thing as there's precious little leadership out of Washington, I have no idea if bookstores are going to survive.  That's unfortunate, but they're not considered essential.  I'm not claiming they are essential, but most of them are small. They don't have large groups of people. But, closed they still are.  I like bookstores.

Well, I don't know how to get the alien book customer interested in my books.  They might like Tales From Dry Gulch, it's got an alien piano player in the saloon.  There's even a flying saucer on the cover.  I'd sure be happy if a couple million space aliens stopped by and bought a copy, if they could find a place that's open.  They might also like Heat of the Midday Sun, which is an anthology I edited. It has a story by Lyn McConchie called "A Day Out Shopping" about a Martian book reader who really likes Jules Verne. It's out of print, but available from used book venues.

So, little green men and ladies, if you buy my books I'm always happy to autograph them. Stop by any time.  I have nowhere to go anymore since they won't let us travel or go to movies or anything. Just don't park your flying saucer out in the street. The homeowners association hates that.

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