Monday, April 20, 2020

Where are the cons?

When you're involved in genre fiction part of your life is going to cons. That seems true whether you are and artist or writer or something in between. They're a good place to meet fellow practitioners as well as the occasional fan.  And then there's the current plague.  We literally just wrapped up Wild Wild West Con before they started ordering everything nonessential closed here in Arizona. I'm noting the Stoker Awards went out this weekend without the con in London that was intended to go with it [that con may be rescheduled].  Heck, even some of the fall cons are already packing it in and folding. I think thee's now a double fear of not only contagion but a looming recession as well.

Now, I haven't been attending more than two or three cons a year. I know some people who seem to go nearly every weekend.  I never rate guest of honor status [where they pay your expenses] and find the travel expenses too much save for just a couple of these.  What I don't know if any of these will go belly up and never return or if they'll be back next year. I suppose time will tell.  

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