Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Uh? Not Martians Again

Okay, so I have these friends who are thinking about starting a restaurant when the economy settles down and the plague tapers off. They ran one before.  So, they were asking for ideas of what to call it. There were six folks just tossing ideas around.  And I said to call it "The Martian  Cafe."  I further suggested they have a little green man on the menus and the front door and a slogan on the menus like  "Where Martians eat for free."  And they could decorate it with pictures of Mars and stuff.  The kids meal could maybe come with a toy flying saucer.  It would've been the coolest place.

Well, then it occurred to me everyone was looking at me and not in a good way. I thought it was about the best idea I'd ever had in my life, but that didn't seem to be the reaction.

Okay, I am  not obsessed with little green men. I'm obsessed with Martians.  My novella Fallen Angel is chock full of Martians as the angel Mabel has to save Earth from them--twice.  

I liked my idea for the name.  Hell, I'd start one myself except I know nothing about running a restaurant.

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