Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Editors Desk

Editing a book is way different than writing one.  A lot of people can't switch between tasks. I've never found that any more of a problem than jumping from science fiction to weird westerns.  They're just words and are processed accordingly.  Words are our friends. Using words is good.

The current project is coming along well. We have record submissions and some really good stories. Alas, with record submissions also comes record, uh, well, stories that aren't so good.  Now some of them are okay, just not quite what we're looking for.  Some are what we're looking for, but we just like other stories better.  Then there are the, uh, well, stories. These are the ones where the writer is delusional if he thinks he'll ever get this thing published.  These are the stories which show a complete lack of writing ability on the part of the creator. They are stories that are why so many editors only do invitation only projects.

Oh well, it's part of the job.  We've seem plenty of the latter.  

Word to aspiring writers.  You suck.  You may not suck as bad as some other writers, but you still suck. I just mean that most writers starting out can still improve. You don't really suck, but you're not as good as you think you are. Keep working at improving your craft.  I have mixed feelings about these groups that do critiquing. Most of these folks have dubious qualifications. On the other hand, they are better than relatives.  Relatives try and be encouraging. They get you to send out stuff that inspires me to do blogs like this one.  I am highly qualified with lots of editing experience and a masters degree. Yet I don't touch critiquing with a ten foot pole, unless you're a very good friend or I owe you money. So don't ask me to critique your story.

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