Saturday, June 6, 2020


I've been watching Alone from last season, which I missed.  That's the show where they drop you off in the wilderness and wait for you to go insane.  Some years ago there was something called the Joe Schmo Show or something like that. It was bogus and the only contestant didn't know it was rigged and everyone else were actors.  It occurs someone could really mess with these wilderness folks big time.

You could keep putting human footprints around their camp when they're out foraging.  And have stuff missing, yet there's no one around.

You could get some guy in a Bigfoot outfit and have the schmo keep seeing him.\\

Or you could just play little mind games like  move his camp or move equipment and let him think he's losing his mind.

The possibilities are endless. Ah, if only I had a production company full of like minded evil people.

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