Tuesday, June 16, 2020

That Horrible Guy

Today I made some folks unhappy.  I sent out a bunch of rejection notices concerning the anthology I am editing.  Most of them are basic, impersonal rejections. They were once called form rejections when submissions came through the mail. Now, they're the same thing, just digital.  Editors rarely give out personal replies for a few reasons.  One is writers invariably just send back an angry response "How dare you criticize me." or they just ignore what you told them and send out their  story someplace else.  So, editors just say why bother and send out generic rejections.  That's the way the system works.

Then some of the writers will reply to that rejection with messages like "No problem."  As if the editor cares what they think.  An editor is not your pen pal. He is not your teacher. And he is not your critique group.  An editor is simply looking for stories for a particular project.  It's nothing personal. The rejected story simply isn't what the editor is looking for,

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