Saturday, July 25, 2020

Don't answer the phone

Yesterday was quite a day.  When the phone rings at 4 am, don't answer it.  Throw the phone in the goldfish bowl and go back to sleep.   Yesterday was my birthday. But I knew immediately what the call was for and it had nothing to do with my birthday.  It was a nurse from hospice calling.  My father's health had been declining. I was able to  get in to see him just last Thursday, since the Copid rules did not allow visitors. Hospice was able to get me in there.  Dad had deteriorated an amazing amount. I hardly recognized him.

So when the phone rang the next day at 4 am I knew what it was.  The fact is, the hospice nurse was very nice.  Then I had to decide if I should call my brother or wait until a more sensible hour, I opted to go ahead and call.  I got my brother's wife (sister-in-law). She thought that was a heck of a birthday present.

So, that set a lot of things in motion: a meeting at the mortuary, a call to my dad's pastor, a few calls to relatives and family friends.   

Finally, at the end of the day, my brother treated my to some Chinese take out.  Uh dad, this was one birthday present I'll never forget.

R.I. P

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