Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Yesterday I was lamenting the coin shortage which I blame on the banks which are refusing to open their lobbies.  If Burger King can open to the public I don't see why the banks can't.  I think they're using it as an excuse to force everyone to use ATM or those virtual tellers and that's been their wet dream for years--not to actually deal with customers.

So, I was in this coin store on Monday. This place also handles foreign currency.  Some lady wanted to convert her Mexican currency.  They only offered her half of the face value.  They said they can't get rid if it, the border is essentially closed and there aren't any flights and there is nowhere for it to go, so it is worthless until banks start trading again.  Sounds like a hose job to me.

I used to like banks.  Their marble lobbies and people doing all sorts of transactions concerning the commerce of the world.  Now, the door is locked and a bank is simply a website.  

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