Saturday, July 18, 2020

Strange Good Fortune

I was reading on a social media site that someone I know got a curry dinner as one of those food places screwed up.  I  have never gotten a free meal out of the boom toward home delivery.  Apparently, it's not all that rare.

Around last Christmas someone dumped a bunch of boxes of Amazon Prime on a nearby street--just dumped the boxes. There were eight of them. I wondered what was in the boxes.  They were just sitting in a ditch.  I took them and drove around the neighborhood and delivered them.  Hell, I don't even like Amazon.  But I didn't want some kid not to get his Tonka dump trunk.  Okay, one of the boxes was opened at one end.    I played with Tonka trucks.  

So, Dominoes delivered to my neighbor's house Thursday.  This is a snowbird house. There's no one living there.  I debated whether to take it in.  I didn't.  It's still sitting on their porch 24 hours later.  No free food for me.  But I could've  eaten pizza while playing with a Tonka truck if I wasn't such a goodie two shoes. 

Update: 48 hours later, the pizza box is still there.  The coyotes opened it, but didn't take the pizza. That's a testament to Dominoes, I guess.  I threw it in the trash.

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