Sunday, August 2, 2020

How'd it get to be August?

This wasn't like a normal summer.  I couldn't go anywhere.  A lot was going on with my father's health and with Covid19 options were limited. And now it is August already.  

August isn't looking too good, either.  But we'll manage.  In a few days I'll be working as a poll worker. Yep. I'll be taking people's ballots and taking those people without ID into the back room to work them over. Well, probably not on the latter one.  I think it's probably my turn to help keep the voting franchise working.  They must really be hurting for help if they hired me.  Then we're doing an estate sale.  There aren't any fall cons to go to. I think they're all cancelled.  I note Bubonicon in New Mexico was named after the plague, ergo they should continue to hold it and have a contest to see how many people die.  That's not true, it's cancelled.  

They don't even seem to have snow cones anymore. It was really hot yesterday and I was thinking a banana snow cone would work, but no one's selling them.

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