Thursday, August 20, 2020

Random thoughts on virtual stuff

 This will go down as the virtual year.  We can't meet in person. The Democratic Convention pushes on. In some ways it's better as there seems less rattling on by blowhard politicians  People seemed to like the little views of the states as they cast their delegate votes.  However, some cons this fall are making the plunge into virtual reality.  I won't be joining them.It just doesn't seem right somehow.  

It's no just that my antiquated computer can't handle this.  Heck my former doctor dumped me as a patient as he was only seeing people over computers.  Sure, it's cheaper to go to Mile Hi Con if you don't have to drive to Denver.  But isn't driving [or flying] half the point?  What will they have but a couple of hours of chit chat on a computer screen and we call it a con now?  I suppose so.

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