Saturday, September 5, 2020

Covid under every rock

 It seems Covid affects everything I do, one way or another.  It killed my father.  He reached a point where we had to put him in a care facility. He had to be quarantined for 2 weeks, which meant just sitting in his room. With his dementia it was hard to deal with this. He couldn't remember why we couldn't come see him.  And he couldn't take the confinement.  I'm not saying he died of the disease--he died from liver cancer.  I'm just saying the conditions hospital and nursing home patients are being out under is hastening their deaths. I'm certain it did for my father.  He wasn't that bad when he went in. A month later, he was dead.

There aren't any events involving groups.  Not around here, anyway.  My doctor won't actually see patients--only by computer.  And so on.

I wonder how much our society has been altered. Our president says everything is fine and refuses to even be an example and wear a mask.  People have died going to his rallies and he does not seem to care.

The homeless people wear masks as they push their carts and wagons along the sidewalk--god bless them. 

I have a new anthology coming out.  Most bookstores are still closed. Many probably will never reopen. There's no such thing as readings.  Conventions, most are cancelled. A few are trying some sort of online variation. I think with limited success. A few of the writers appearing in Six Guns Straight From Hell 3 are going to do online readings. I do not know if that will help sell books,  We've never tried this before. I'm certainly interested in hos it goes.  We'll see.

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