Thursday, September 10, 2020


 Even in the digital world, there's still a lot of mail out there.  One thing I can't figure out is why some companies just won't give up. they send me unwanted junk mail constantly and just will not stop. After years of ignoring them, you'd think they'd get the message I'm not interested. But they never do.  One such outfit is a  local health foods store.  They send me their magazine every month.  To my knowledge, I have never set foot in heir store and certainly never signed up for anything. But, there it comes every month.

It's not just small, local businesses either.  Geico won't leave me alone.  They bother me constantly with pitches for insurance.  I am happy with my current insurance company, but don't tell them that. Dish thinks I want their service. I use a competitor and have no wish to change.  You would thing that after four years, which is how long I've been at my current place, they'd figure out I'm not interested. But they just relentlessly keep sending me stuff.

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