Friday, September 18, 2020


 Because what few restaurants are open are running at 30% or so, takeout remains a part of the world of food.  What I'm getting tired of is the incompetent idiots taking orders.  This is so different than the tip=based world of eating in a restaurant. A good waiter will get my order right or pay dearly for it at checkout. But there are few tips in to go orders and the people handling these clearly do not give a crap. I tried to order supper last night and came to the conclusion the order taker was so stoned it was hopeless. I just walked out. And drive throughs are even worse.  You ask for a taco and they type in Sprite and won't clear it out.  You must've ordered a Sprite because that's what it says.  

Stay home and cook seems the only solution.  My boycott list of restaurants is getting so long it's darn near all of them.

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