Thursday, October 29, 2020

el stupido

 Maybe I am stupid. Heck, maybe I'm a total moron.  Businesses and government sure seem to think so. Just yesterday I got a robo call telling me how to get a flu shot from my insurance company. Apparently, you can get them at the pharmacy. Gee. 

I got mail telling me how to vote.  I guess the concept of voting is too difficult for the average citizen and I need help in figuring out if I am registered and how to find my polling place. The fact I already voted early does not seem to be a concern.

Then of course, my bank called me yet again because I hadn't signed up for some app they want me get for my phone.  It seems I need their app to balance my checkbook. I don't their damned app.  But it seems my problem is I don't understand what a wonderful bank I have and that I should do whatever they tell me.

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